Returning to Ustka after travelling the world, we have always been astonished to find what a beautiful and idyllic countryside we live in. We had spent quite a few years to find a place that would best allow us to enjoy this magic, until in August 2010 we finally found Starkowo 13.

After years of toil and effort to bring it back to life, we may now proudly welcome you to our Herring Museum and Bed & Breakfast.

Since 2010, we have systematically renovated the house, dating back to 1902, and the mid-19th century farm. We had only one goal - to re-create the activity of the village of Starkowo and get the community of the Checkered-House Land involved. We have aimed at rebuilding the Farm to create a living document of the past: the families who lived here before us, the history of Starkowo and the vicinity of Ustka, and the people, so strongly dependent on the Baltic sea. And all that, combined with bringing back to life the old recipes (baked bread, smoked fish, fruit preserves) and with respect to the architectural heritage, in order to create a place for you to find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life.

We invite you to visit the Herring Bed & Breakfast and enjoy herring in various guises.